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Why Do We Stay Single?


Why do women prefer more masculine men during the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle? Why are men more distressed by a partner’s sexual infidelitythan their emotional infidelity? And why do female dating profiles advertise beauty, while male dating profiles boast about wealth? The relatively new field of evolutionary psychology has answered all of these questions, […]

Do You Want Stress Free Life? Follow This Video


Through our everyday life we get stressed, angry, sad, sometimes we even feel like the whole world is against us, just because a thing or two don’t go our way.   The work, the interactions with people, the everyday chores, the traffic… they are nothing compared to the grander scheme of things which conspired to […]

Here Is Why the First Born Child Is the Most Intelligent


According to a new study by Leipzig University, the first-born children get an IQ boost from having to teach their younger siblings. Receiving undivided attention also benefits the IQ.   These differences in intelligence is thought to occur from nurture and upbringing, rather than biology.   The study estimates a 1.5 drop in IQ points […]

There are five stages of love, but many people get stuck at the third


“Seems he/she wasn’t the one for me” is the phrase we often hear as an explanation from someone who’s just gone through a breakup. Perhaps we’ve even said it to ourselves. Yet many people around you thought you were the perfect couple. Maybe you thought that for a time yourself. Often, many of us are left totally confused as to why true love is gradually worn down to nothing. […]

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