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Cannabis oil is a highly efficient natural cancer cure.

Cannabis Marijuana bud oil is a very resourceful natural cancer cure!   Some facts about it: * Cannabis Marijuana flower Oil has THC helps destroy Cancer and Leukemia cells * Cannabis have Anti-Cancer Effect. * Cannabis oil is competent natural cancer cure * the cannabinoid induces autophagy-mediated death of cell with the help of motivation

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Never Brush Your Teeth Immediately After a Meal

If you too are a fan of brushing your teeth immediately after taking meals, then this one’s for you. * Brushing teeth soon after eating can badly damage them * Dentists warn that brushing in half an hour can decay teeth * It sends the corrosive acids very deep into the teeth * Brushing after

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‘Old Hag’ Syndrome, a terrifying sleep disorder

If anyone of you has ever experienced a sleep paralysis- waking up in the middle of sleep and being incapable to move, breathe, feeling a excess weight on chest; able to see, hear, feel and smell or even sensing an evil existence in your room- you probably have the ‘old hag! It is a frightening

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