An Amazing Family Member: World’s Biggest Python

31-year-old Marcus Hobbs bought an 8-inch snake from a pet shop 8-years-ago, which is over 18 feet long, weighing 110 kilograms and is the world’s biggest Burmese Python.

Hobbs said his snake eats stillborn deer, rabbits, goats, calves, and pigs that are supplied by local Famers. The snake is still continuously growing. Hobbs said the animal is really expensive to keep and is also life-threatening if it gets mishandled.

Burmese Pythons are known to be capable of squeezing humans to death in minutes and are also capable of swallowing them as a whole. Marcus, who works as an IT guy, said Hexxie is not dangerous. Hobbs says has to be really careful with the snake when his sons aged 4 and 1 are nearby.

Another thing that is hard to manage is the poo that Hexxie makes once per month. Hobbs said Hexxie’s poo is large enough to fill a bin bag. Experts said the biggest Burmese python is around 18 feet 8 inches long, but Hobbs believes Hexxie is bigger and longer.

Hobbs said Hexxie had never attacked him, but she once almost attacked him when he was applying iodine to her skin. He said “Her mouth is full of hundreds of pin shaped teeth like fish hooks. If she gets hold of you, you cannot pull your hand out because all the teeth are going the wrong way. You would have to push your hand back into her mouth to unhook her teeth. If you pulled you would be pulling her teeth further into your skin. You can’t have a snake that big that’s trying to bite you because it would mean you would not be able to go near her especially as she’s in a confined space. You have to be regimented because the only way to stop her biting you is handle her every day when she is young until she gets used to it”.

He said Hexxie starts to let out a loud hissing noise and a foul smell when she is stressed and happy. Snakes usually do this when they’re stressed. Hexxie lives with Hobbs and other smaller snakes inside an apartment.

Under pet laws there is no requirement for a licence to keep non-poisonous snakes and Marcus is sceptical of tales of much smaller Burmese Pythons escaping or killing.

There is also vet bills to consider and the stress of where to get food from.

Marcus had his first snake for his 13th birthday and believes it’s down to watching Steve Irwin on the television. Hexxie lives alongside another smaller snake, Monty, and the family dog Shiloh, a Husky.

He said: “When I was living on my own, years ago before I had children, if there was a power cut, I would put them in the bed with me to keep them warm.

“I would wake up in the morning and they would still be there.”

Marcus met partner Amy, 31, at work and she has accepted his love of reptiles.

She said: “I’m more your fluffy, cute, type of animal person.”

Now she understands Marcus’ emotional attachment to his slithering pets her main issue is how much household space they take up.

“When we had our first it wasn’t too bad because we had a three-bed room [house], but when the second one came along we needed that third bedroom.”

Featured Image Credit: SWNS