Month: March

Facebook’s Zuckerberg admits mistakes

Breaking more than four days of silence, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted mistakes and outlined steps to protect user data in light of a privacy scandal involving a Trump-connected data-mining firm. Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook page Wednesday that Facebook has a “responsibility” to protect its users’ data. “If we can’t then we don’t deserve

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Man Claiming to be Reincarnation of Jesus Christ Gains Mass Following

A man in Russia, who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, has amassed a huge following of dedicated supporters. Thousands of people have been flocking to a group of small towns named Petropavlovka in the wilderness of Siberia. Petropavlovka is home to almost 5,000 “Vissarionites,” who have moved to one of the coldest

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Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. He died peacefully at his home in Cambridge in the early hours of Wednesday, his family said. The Briton was known for his work with black holes and relativity, and wrote several popular science books including A Brief History of Time. At the

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