Month: October 2017

Sex education website for seven-year-olds teaches advanced positions

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A sex education website with explicit drawings has come under fire after children as young as seven were taught about fellatio, a ‘two fingers oral sex technique’ and a ‘deep cave’ sex position. The website called Alles over seks (Everything about sex) was launched by Sensoa, an centre for sexual health in the Belgian region […]

20 Traits Of An Empath: How To Know If You’re An Empath

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Being an empath can sometimes be described as when a person is affected by other people’s energies, and innately ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. An empath’s life can be unconsciously influenced by others’ desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods. Being an empath is much more than being highly sensitive and it’s not just limited […]

Six Ways How Men Are Destroying Their Sperms Everyday


6 WAYS HOW MEN ARE DESTROYING THEIR SPERMS EVERYDAY Females have largely been associated with fertility issues, however, recent studies have shown a shocking story of sperm. According to the study, half of the cases of infertility is due to poor lifestyle choices by men. Erectile dysfunction is caused by smoking. The quality and quantity […]

Psychological Test: Can You Tell Which One Is NOT A Family?


Psychologists use tests and other assessment tools to measure and observe a client’s behavior to arrive at a diagnosis and guide treatment if it’s necessary. Psychological testing and assessment is nothing to fear. It’s not like the usual test. It’s not something you need to study for. Rather, it’s an opportunity for psychologists to determine […]

Mouse ‘tortured’ for stealing food by shopkeeper

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A twisted shopkeeper tied a mouse to a jar and tortured it with a stick after catching it stealing food. Melahalli Ramanna tied the rodent with green string attached to its limbs at his shop in Mysore, southern India. Disturbing video shows the shopkeeper beating the mouse so hard the jar falls on the floor. […]

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