Day: 29

Gal Gadot Reveals Just How Much She Was Bodyshamed For Playing Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has been an absolute phenomenon. Not only has Patty Jenkins’ directorial offering smashed box office targets, grossing over £282 million and overtaking Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool, but it has been a complete breakthrough for female-led action films thanks to its roaring success.    Fans were particularly impressed by this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment that highlights how differently women on screen are portrayed

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Guy Gets Ultimate Revenge On High School Bully 20 Years Later

This guy got brutal revenge on his High School bully and is either an evil genius or a complete psycho.   The story unfolded on Boston’s Hot96.6 after a caller rang in to ask the radio host to find out why a guy she dated wouldn’t call her back. Arielle explained she had “incredible” sex

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Answers To 10 Classic Magic Tricks

Have you ever been awestruck by the tricks performed by the magicians?Just sitting there being wonderstruck without having a clue on how they put up such a magnificent act.But being ignorant is not everyone’s cup of tea.   So for the rest of you out there, we have compiled a list of answers to those classic

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