It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Which is true but have you ever heard that your hands could as well tell a lot about you?. Probably not, the fact is that the researches have actually proven that if you can read the symptoms that your hands present, you can deal with your medical and psychological problems easily. After reading this blog you will be perfectly able to read those signs and consult doctor whenever you need to.


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Many people bite their nails when they are anxious making them shorter and shorter. While others prefer to keep them long and paint them with different colors. But apart from all these habits, if you analyze your nails in their natural state, they could keep you informed on your health status.

They could tell you whether you possess the necessary amounts of Vitamins and minerals or not. They can also tell if you have Anemic or Thyroid Issues or any problems that could be related to the liver. Furthermore the color of your nails indicates the level of oxygen present in your blood. So if any time some weird spots or bruise shows up on you nails, it is time to visit the doctor. Notice that if you find black strains in your nails then it indicates towards some grave problem and it would best to consult the doctor immediately.

Actually nails are an amazing creation. They are made up of keratin, the chemical which is also responsible for the creation of hair. You would be surprised to know that it takes full six months for a nail to reach the tip of your finger from its starting point.

Fortunately, the physical deficiencies of your nails can easily be cured. All you have to do is to increase the amounts of Zinc in your food. Foods that are rich in Zinc are Oysters, Nuts, Chicken and Dark Chocolate.

Finger Length and Personality

Did you know that the length of your fingers could actually tell a lot about you personality. For example, look at your fingers right now and compare the length of your ring finger with your index one. If your ring finger is longer than the index then it could mean that you are a superb flirt. You have tremendous amount of confidence which allows you to take risks easily and therefore increases your chances of accomplishing your goals. If you have not yet entered the work of sales then you should. But if you have a longer index one that means that you are a true leader. You prefer to give orders rather than take them. Longer index finger normally indicates towards creativity. These kinds of people have a gift of solving complex problems readily. But if the lengths of both the fingers are same then you are a well balanced individual. Someone who knows how to debate in a civilized way. These kinds of people listen to both sides of the conversations calmly and then decide. They are usually good therapists.

Finger Length and Relationship

The lengths of your finger also indicate the levels of your interaction with the society around you. Those with loner fingers are, most of the times, considerate, detail-oriented and rather tolerant. The ones with shorter fingers are exactly the opposite. Let us assume that you have shorter fingers than your partner then it could be the case that you two would not be able to lead a normal, dispute less life. And if both of you have shorter fingers then also you two would dispute a lot but it does not mean that you could not knock it off and be happy together. People with shorter fingers tend to look towards the big picture rather than the small details which makes them a little disorganized.

Shaky Hands

The case of shaky fingers might indicate that you are having some kind of deep problem but usually it happens if you have more than the normal amount of caffeine in your system, more than 300 milligrams. But if have not a great amount of caffeine in your system and still your fingers are shaking violently then it could be that you are about to be on stage or a serious debate. When you are in such a situation your body shoots extraordinary amounts of adrenaline which makes your finger tremble. If you want to make the trembling away then you should forget about it and focus on the work at hand. If you take deep and long breaths for a couple of minutes then it could release the pressure and anxiety.



Just as the finger lengths indicate the personality, fingertips tend to indicate your inner thoughts and motivation. For example, the shape of your thumb might tell how much motivated you are. The tip of your index finger indicates whether you are a leader or not. Middle finger tell about yourself preservation and mental instincts, ring finger tells how much you think outside the box and your pinkies tell about your speaking habits. However the reading of your individual fingertips is complicated and rather accurate. If the outlines of your digits are rounded and smooth then you are more likely to be inclined towards unity and agreement in confrontations. If the edge of your fingers are more square towards the nail bed then it means that you are a detailed person. If you happen to possess broad fingertips, you are more of a free thinker who does not like to be in a tight schedule and finally if you have pointy fingers then you are a holistic thinker


We all know that every person has a different set of fingerprints. Well they have different personalities as well and fingerprints are also an indicator of personalities. For example, the tented Arch pattern in which two line originate from a circle and eventually meet up making a triangle are of those persons who make an even approach while the Ulnar loop pattern which is of the shape of ripples create by a pebble dropped in water indicates people who are peaceful and calm. Radial loop is similar to the Ulnar but their grooves are pointed toward the thumb in opposite direction, these people are thoughtful as well as active. People with concentric whirl fingers have tight spirals in their fingertips and they tend to be day dreamers and big tinkers. Those with Press Whorls possess ovular spirals and are of type-a personality and Imploding Whorls have asymmetrical spirals and these people are true multi taskers.

Palm Reading

Not everyone believes in palm reading. But palm readers claim that they can actually predict future and your decisions in life. Well there is actually some truth to it. There are three prominent lines on your hand. The one that touches the palm is your life line, the one in the middle is head line and top one, which is right below the fingers is the heart line. If you have short headlines, it means that you are decisive.

If it is long then the opposite while the wavy ones mean that you usually see both sides of the argument quite easily. If the heart line is long it means that you are compassionate while the shorter one indicates towards independence seeking. The split line means that you put others’ desire before your own while the split indicates towards a deep heart break in history.

A long life line means dependability, a short one shows determination, faint lines mean susceptibility to stress and broken lines indicate terrible past experience that may lead to wrong decisions in future.

Hand Shape

If your life were a book, the lines on your palm would be the text while the shape of your palm would be the cover of the book. They indicate what your life is actually about. The events in it and their effect on your decisions. If your palm is larger while fingers being smaller then it means that you are fierce in your approach. You are stubborn and aggressive, traits that help you achieve your goals. You are a true leader with lots wit. If you have a square palm and short fingers then you are an even tempered and gentle person. You would excel in artistic work. If you have square palm with fingers of equal size that you would be a man with brains. You can explain deep ideas without any difficulty.

Space between Fingers


Space between your fingers can also tell a lot about your personality. Lay your hand in front of you and observe. If your fingers have space between even when they are relaxed then it means that you are self-sufficient. If the gap between ring and pinky finger is wide it means that you do not engage in grave discussions and if less then you are a risk taker and adventurer. If they are nearly touching then you are military, someone who does what he is told.

Besides all these explanations. All you do in our life does not just boil down to the size or shape of your hands. You can do anything if you BELIEVE.