10. DuPont


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An industrial chemical company produced almost 900 Teflon till 1950. But in 1951 they purchased Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

DuPont used this chemical which improved the process and increases their profit. It remains in the environment for a very long time which causes serious condition that 98% of U.S population is detectable of PFOA and caused many health diseases such as cancer.

Environmental Protection Agency fined DuPont $16.5 million for concealing the information of health effects. Staff members also got affected as the birth defects in their babies. In 2015 DuPont lost the case from a lady who claimed that she had kidney cancer because of their defected usage of acid.

9. IBM

In 2001, Edwin Black published a book in which he revealed the IBM’s role in Holocaust. He claimed that IBM’s Hollerith machine, which tabulated punch cards helped for killing of Jews in Europe. These cards were custom-designed by IBM engineers to capture information going in and to set out information for the Nazis.

8. Kids Wish Network

In 1997, Mark Breiner, Shelley Breiner and Barbara Askin founded it in honor of Shelley’s father because he died of Cancer. It was built to raise money and help make children’s dreams come true. But Center for Investigative Reporting labeled it as the America’s Worst Charity Network because only $3.5 million dollars went to making children’s dream come true out of $141 million dollars!

While using the money as for profit-corporations they are spending $116 million as ‘Fund raising Solicitors’, also giving $130000 a year and $4.8 million money to the presidents and founders of his companies as a salary. They avoid telling about the transactions made to associates of the charity to the Internal Revenue Service.

7. Bayer


Buyer, a pharmaceutical company, In 80’s where they developed drugs to help blood clotting in Hemophiliacs, they also used medicines involved an injection made from donated pools of blood plasma which was taken prior to HIV testing. As a result USA developed over 8000 AIDs.

They continued selling that large stock of old medicine knowingly in Hong Kong, Taiwan and many countries and made millions. They also paid $660 million to settle cases with over 6000 people.

6. ExxonMobil

A multinational oil and gas corporation in Aceh, Indonesia they were on the government’s side in the conflict between the local Acehnese’ wish for independence and militaristic government. So in 1998 they were accused of supplying bulldozers and machinery to dig mass graves and starts paying money to military to protect themselves from local campaigners.

Exxon got case by civilians who claimed that Exxon were paying $6 million to the military to conduct torture and extrajudicial killings.

5. Walmart

In 2012, 111 employers of Walmart were killed in a fire in Bangladesh. Walmart employees are also underage people. And all of the above Walmart pays off officials to keep all of these secrets!

In 2014, The Guardian reported that in Thailand, slaves are forced to work for years under threat of extreme violence. According to an investigation, large numbers of men bought and sold like animals and held against their will on fishing boats and if someone tries to escape had told of 20 hours shift and execution style killings.

4. Coca-Cola

An investigative journalist Michael Blanding uncovered the truth of Coca-Cola in India. The water wars were going on between local communities and Coca-Cola bottling plants. The bottles of coke were also contaminated by pesticides. He also said that water reserves of three towns have dried after Coca-Cola plants have opened there.

3. Nestle


In 1947 Mike Muller published a report ‘The Baby Killer’ about the deaths of infants causing by Nestle baby formula. The International Baby Food Action Network claimed that the formula interfered with lactating, so when mothers left hospital they could no longer breastfeed. Nestle start charging for the formula which mothers cannot afford. The formula had to mix with water and served in a feeding bottle, both of which could be easily contaminated and cause deadly infections.

2. Chiquita

Their workers got slaughtered by the Colombian Army; up to 3000 people may have been killed. They also recently got fined for funding terrorist organizations in Colombia.

1. Monsanto


It manufactured Agent Orange for US military in Vietnam War which destructed all opposition’s crops and people. They also started to make seed and don’t allow farmers to buy it from elsewhere and also managed to get Monsanto Protection Act.